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Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute offers hands-on ultrasound training to our participants during live courses. We pay live models for their time while medical professionals practice diagnostic scanning techniques alongside instructors. Sessions usually run from 1:30pm-5pm, once you are setup with Gulfcoast Ultrasound, we will call you 2 weeks prior to a course to see if you are available.

Ultrasound_models_neededGulfcoast Ultrasound offers about 30 courses per year in St. Petersburg, FL covering all specialties including: Vascular, OB/GYN, Abdominal, Pediatrics, Echocardiography (heart), and Musculoskeletal. While some people may not be a prime candidate for certain specialties, they could be great for others.

After submitting your application below, you will be contacted about getting setup for a “pre-scan”, where you will come in and have a 30 minute ultrasound to determine what specialties you would be best suited for. After that, you will be added to our database to be contacted prior to our courses for scheduling.

Please note, that we rely highly on models to show up on time and prepared for each course. If you are habitually late or do no call, no shows, your rank will drop and you will be called upon less to model for courses.

This is an excellent way to learn about your health and earn some easy extra cash. Courses pay between $40 and $75 per day depending on the subject being taught.

FAQ’s about ultrasound:

What is Ultrasound?
Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of structures within your body for medical professionals to better diagnose / treat patients.

Is Ultrasound harmful?
No, Unlike X-Rays and CT scans, ultrasound uses no radiation, only sound waves therefore reducing any ill effects.

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Pay $40 per session (typically a 3.5 hour session)

Pay $75 per session (typically a 3.5 hour session)

Pay $75 per session (typically a 3.5 hour session)


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