July 12, 2023

Regenerative Medicine and its amazing side-kick, Ultrasound-Guidance.

Written by: Trisha Reo AAS, RDMS, RVT

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Chronic musculoskeletal injuries involving tendon, muscle, ligament, and bone have long eluded standardized therapeutic protocols. Ultrasound-guided tenotomy and the use of injectable agents such as prolotherapy and PRP have been used as alternative therapies for over 20 years. It experienced a push into the limelight in 2009 when the media reported PRP as being responsible for an American professional football player’s accelerated return to play and subsequent victory in the Super Bowl. 

As the field of Regenerative Medicine has grown, many health care providers have decided to incorporate this additional treatment tool into practice. The single most important factor to the success of their treatments is the training they invest in. A critical part of this training is how to effectively use ultrasound to accurately diagnosis musculoskeletal injuries and subsequently administer injections to the injured area. 

Ultrasound is an amazing diagnostic tool that can help detect tendon and muscle tears and evaluate joint and tendon movement and stability. Unlike CT and x-ray, there is no ionizing radiation, so it’s a safe, noninvasive imaging technique. It is also much more affordable and can be performed in the provider's office. And studies have shown, the use of ultrasound helps patients have a shorter recovery and improves outcomes. 

Gulfcoast Ultrasound offers a comprehensive Regenerative Medicine Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Live Hands-On CME Course intended for individuals who have a strong foundation in diagnostic MSK Ultrasound. This course is designed to improve your confidence and competence musculoskeletal ultrasound skills to integrate advanced MSK applications and ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine techniques into your clinical practice. The Regenerative Medicine Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Live Hands-On CME Training Course is taught by word-renowned musculoskeletal ultrasound experts who literally wrote the textbooks and incorporates comprehensive evidence-based lectures and interactive case presentations. 

Extensive hands-on skills training is also provided featuring a 3:1 participant to faculty hands-on scan ratio with live models, inanimate phantoms, and human cadaveric specimens. You will also have the opportunity to observe live demonstrations of multiple regenerative medicine (PRP) procedures (diagnosis and techniques) on various live patients with pathologies. 

These courses are specifically designed for physicians, sonographers, and other medical professionals who need additional training to learn the advanced and regenerative medicine musculoskeletal essentials. Increase your confidence to integrate the skills into clinical practice and expand MSK ultrasound services to offer your patients. 

Visit or call us at 727-363-4500 for more information and to register. 


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Trisha Reo AAS, RDMS, RVT

Trisha is the Program Coordinator at Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, Inc.

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