Introduction to Carotid Ultrasound DVD Course Pack


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Introduction to Carotid Ultrasound DVD Course Pack

This package includes DVD's and literature covering a range of vascular ultrasound applications. All DVD Course Packs are discounted 10% off the total price.

Introduction to Carotid Ultrasound DVD Course Pack includes...

Doppler and Color Fundamentals: Vascular Ultrasound - DVD

This enduring material is designed to provide a review of Doppler and color ultrasound fundamentals for performing carotid and peripheral vascular applications.

Normal Carotid Duplex/Color Examination - DVD

Carotid Stenosis Assessment - DVD

This enduring material is designed to provide an overview carotid duplex/color flow imaging techniques to include normal and abnormal color and spectral Doppler waveform characteristics, routine measurements and case presentations. The participant will be able to apply current diagnostic criteria to evaluate carotid stenosis and other associated abnormalities.

Carotid Case Studies - DVD

This enduring material will focus on a case based approach using duplex ultrasound to evaluate the extracranial cerebrovascular system. The cases will emphasize differentiating and documenting near total versus total occlusions of both the ICA and the CCA. Additional cases will be presented on evaluating severe stenoses, some commonly made errors in evaluation (and how to correct them), abnormal vertebral artery hemodynamics, cardiac effects on cerebrovascular flow patterns, and special considerations for evaluating carotid stents.

Ultrasound Evaluation of Intima-Media Thickness - DVD

This enduring material is designed to discuss the importance of performing IMT examinations, how to perform IMT measurements and how to apply the information obtained for effective management of patients who are at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Carotid Duplex/Color Flow Ultrasound Protocol Manual

This enduring material is designed to provide a step by step protocol for performing a carotid Duplex/color flow imaging examination based on AIUM, ACR, and IAC ultrasound practice guidelines. The protocol is provided in a written outline format with examples of ultrasound images, spectral Doppler waveforms and diagnostic criteria for evaluation of carotid artery disease. A live demonstration is also included to reinforce the examination techniques.

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